Murphy’s Law in Action: King Farm Estate


The Estate consisted of a condo unit in the desirable King Farm area. The personal representative (PR), was a long-time friend of the deceased. Unfortunately, the PR’s own health issues prevented him from carrying out his duties. He passed the responsibility to his three daughters. The daughters were soon overwhelmed by caring for their father while also clearing the estate and preparing it for sale. They hired Trusted Estate Partners (TEP) to take care of the house and everything in it. At the time TEP took over managing this estate, it appeared to be a standard clear out and listing, but that would soon change!



TEP quickly got the condo cleared out, items sent to auction and donation, and then staged and listed the condo. Murphy’s Law kicked into high-gear when the following events occurred: The apartment above the garage flooded, causing the ceiling of the garage to fall in. Unbeknownst to the PR, the condo association “fixed it.” Their two-day repair became a two-week ordeal and the condo had to be taken off the market.

During this time, cracks became visible at the ceiling and roof line inside the condo; becoming worse over a one-week period. TEP arranged for the cracks to be spackled and painted. But, before the condo could be put back on the market, TEP arrived to find that the condo association was replacing the entire roof on the building — Resulting in even more delays!



In this particular case, TEP was called upon to do many things that are above and beyond a typical estate liquidation. After realizing that garage repairs had begun by the association without the PR’s knowledge, Andy engaged with the property manager to oversee the process directly. Once that was complete, TEP dealt with the condo ceiling and wall cracks. Andy engaged the management team to get the cracks spackled/repaired and painted. The condo association replaced the roof on the whole building, resulting in the condo staying off the market for an additional week. After managing these challenges on behalf of the client, TEP was finally able to get the property sold and settled.



With TEP managing the estate, the client did not have to be involved in any of the issues that arose. TEP broke through several barriers to getting the condo sold. Despite the property being on and off the market multiple times, TEP was still able to get a great price for the estate.

Benefits to Client and Estate:

  • Clients were not involved with resolution of any obstacles;
  • Condo sold in as-is condition, with no inspection contingency; and
  • The PR never had to leave his house to manage the estate liquidation



“We ran into a couple of challenges and fortunately Andy was more than willing to step up and go above and beyond what he would ordinarily have to do. We had no idea how to deal with a lot of the issues that arose, but his industry knowledge was just invaluable! He was so helpful in navigating through those solutions. Clean-out was flawless, they did a great job! We didn’t have to go into the unit at all – it was all taken care of just as they described it would be.”

– Julie W.

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