3 Reasons Every Estate Attorney Can Benefit from a Trusted Estate Partner

Have you found your firm being challenged to meet increasing client expectations? If you answered “yes” you’re not alone, as this seems to be a common trend today in the legal industry. The Thomson Reuters 2017 Stats of U.S. Small Law Firms study shares that 59% of clients who demand more for less present a moderate, if not significant, challenge. While nearly two-thirds of respondents recognize this, only about 20% are doing anything about it. This information could give you a great competitive advantage in getting ahead of your peers within this highly competitive market. One way that you can offer more value to your clients without additional cost to

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3 Ways to Sell Your Parents House

Many circumstances in life can require you to shoulder responsibilities that you weren’t quite ready to undertake. Perhaps one of the most demanding and overwhelming responsibilities occurs when a parent passes away. No matter what the circumstances are, the death of a parent is always difficult. Not only are you dealing with the emotions of their passing, but there are so many facets of their affairs that need to be handled, like selling their home. Selling a house after a parent’s death could be an unnecessarily lengthy process if you don’t know all your options or even where to begin. Depending on the property condition and other factors, you may

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Getting Divorced? Here are 3 Estate Issues You Should Consider

Divorce can trigger negative emotions, grief and other feelings that are difficult to manage. Add in the stress of deciding who gets what, how and when they can gain access to it, and you could have a potential disaster on your hands. There are many steps to take – in addition to getting a good divorce attorney – and several issues to consider before being able to agree. As to the house and everything in it, here are some issues to consider and how using a multi-solution resource can help you. Division of personal property Personal property is anything other than real property, and in a divorce situation, you have

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