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Personal Property Solutions

Assessment and Planning

Each move is different…each estate situation is different…and we understand that each of our clients has a unique set of needs to be met.  We also realize how stressful it can be to manage the process alone. The advantage of working with Trusted Estate Partners is that from “under one roof” we manage all of the services you need to ensure a less stressful experience for you. One of our experienced Planning Specialists will first meet with you to assess your situation and gain an understanding of your specific requirements and timing.  Then, together with our alliance partners, we will create your personalized Downsizing Plan or Estate Liquidation Plan.  We handle all of the details to help eliminate the stress and take you from “overwhelmed” to “overcoming” the obstacles that would otherwise complicate and delay the process.

Personal Property Evaluation

Accurate evaluation and appraisal is often a helpful first step in determining what to do with personal property.   When needed, our certified appraisers can provide an itemized valuation report that can guide you in your decision-making about whether to move, distribute, sell, or donate personal items.

Personal Property Distribution

When it comes to the distribution of personal property, we follow the designations of your Personalized Plan – removing the burden from you. Our conscientious teams will carefully pack and ship the items you have designated to send to family members or others.  We also coordinate distribution to any charities or local organizations you have chosen to receive items.  And, when it’s time to move to your new home, not only do we manage the entire packing, moving, and unpacking process, but we also arrange the furniture according to the floor plan developed specifically for you.

Personal Property Sale

We offer multiple solutions for the sale of personal property, based on the quantity and value of items to be sold.  We can coordinate an on-site “tag sale,” advertise and sell individual items or collections locally or online, and auction individual items or entire estates to achieve the highest possible sales price in the timeframe that meets the goals of your Personalized Plan.

Personal Property Cleanout

After all desired personal items have been distributed, moved, or sold, we provide final property cleanout services to dispose of any unwanted items or debris.

How It All Works

We know how difficult it is to get started in the process when you or a loved one face the challenge

of estate liquidation or downsizing. So, we would like to offer you a complimentary consultation to

discuss your situation, specific needs, and concerns. From there, if you decide we are a good fit,

we can begin to create your personalized plan.

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Dave – Brooklyn Park, MD
I had a reverse mortgage on my property. Many investors came out and gave me buy numbers that were so low that I would not have been able to satisfy the loan. Knowing this TEP was able to partner with me and fix my house to the point that I not only satisfied the loan but also walked away with some cash in my pocket.
Dave – Brooklyn Park, MD


Dan and Margaret – Pasadena, MD
My husband and I needed more money for the property than we were being offered. Our house was in a condition that the realtors were the wrong choice. TEP came up with a solution that we were able to partner together with them. It was the easiest thing possible they handled everything from the construction to selling and closing the sale. We got what they promised in less than 6 weeks and couldn’t be happier.
Dan and Margaret – Pasadena, MD


Gina – Arbutus, MD
I inherited my parents home and told my son and his wife they could live there. After several issues with drugs they had destroyed the house. I told them to leave but knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain ownership and keep saying no to them. TEP bought the home and renovated it back to better than when we were kids. Now my lasting impression is beautiful and my final memory of our home is a happy one.
Gina – Arbutus, MD


Who We Are

We offer comprehensive solutions designed to assist attorneys and their clients with estate settlement and to help individuals and families who are downsizing or helping loved ones transition to independent or assisted living.  Using our unique holistic approach, we  provide all of the support services needed to help expedite estate settlement and simplify the downsizing process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver personalized solutions and support services designed to help people more easily get through the typically stressful estate settlement or downsizing process – and to ensure the best outcome for every client every time.


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